Liquipel’s revolutionary technology offers many opportunities to retailers of electronic devices, such as distributors, manufacturers and large retailers. This program is designed for customers seeking an on-premise solution. If you have an existing line of business that would benefit from liquid protection and is currently producing more than 50,000 units per year we would like to hear from you. We currently offer 2 programs to allow you to benefit from our technology:

Bulk Pretreatment Orders

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Bulk pretreated inventory is most convenient for customers interested in sending a large quantity of new devices for treatment. We treat the desired amount at a discounted rate, offering a margin for the store carrying them. Once enrolled in this program your store will be listed on our webpage as an Authorized Dealer of Liquipel. This not only generates traffic to your store, but also prevents customers from having to deal with pesky wait times. Pricing is based on a Quantity Structure. Click here for a customized quote.

Licensee & Manufacturing Application


Liquipel’s business model enables unprecedented scalability to meet the demands of both small and large manufacturers. Our proficient team of research and development engineers have created several streamlined processes to ensure impeccable consistency and quality assurance. Liquipel’s technology is extremely versatile, adhering to a variety of electronic devices and components within diverse industries. Liquipel generates custom treatment parameters to ensure optimal execution of New Product Introductions. Click here to submit an application.