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Since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Liquipel has won an Edison Award, a FierceWireless Fierce 15 Award, and was named by Popular Science as the Grand Award Winner in the Gadgets Category for the magazine's "Best of What's New" issue. Liquipel has also been recognized by INC Magazine as one of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America for two consecutive years, in addition to Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Brilliant Companies" list. The Liquipel brand incorporates aggressive pull-through marketing campaigns utilizing key celebrity partners, such as Pharrell Williams, Steve Aoki and Nyjah Huston, to maintain a fresh, exciting brand image.

Liquipel is a company founded on innovation, providing modern-day solutions for modern-day electronic consumer problems.

Back in 2009, Liquipel noticed there was an increasing number of phone damage due to accidental water exposure. They decided this problem can’t go on. That’s when the concept of Liquipel’s advanced impact and liquid repellent technology was born.

With the help of capable scientists, Liquipel’s WaterSafe™ 360° nanotechnology was created to protect smartphones and other devices from possible damage due to accidental water exposure.

This technology, however, wasn’t formally introduced to the world until 2012 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it made waves being the pioneer and inventor of the waterproof coating for cellphones and other electronic devices.

As a company established through innovative thinking, Liquipel diversified the application of its nanotechnology to create Liquid Glass the thinnest screen protection in the world as well as impact screen protection with their brand SafeGuard™. SafeGuard™ Nano-Shock™ technology provides mobile devices another layer of protection against severe impacts and drops through sleek phone cases and clear screen protectors that give near-indestructible impact protection and worry-free tech lifestyle for everyone. Liquipel newest brand PowerTek™ brings innovation and modern design to the power category. PowerTek™ has quickly become one of the leading brands at retail with over 10million+ units sold.

Liquipel quickly grew and became one of the largest consumer electric manufactures and brands in the US. Liquipel is currently sold in over 35,000 locations world wide. Using a consumer-centric and unique business model co-developed by its co-founder and CEO Sam Winkler.

Under Sam Winkler’s leadership, Liquipel continues to improve and reinvent to provide with advanced technology. All of these are undertaken to provide consumers a higher quality standard of protection and power that will give them the freedom to do the things they love without worrying about their devices. 


Our Awards

Inc. Top 5000 Fastest-Growing American Private Companies, 2020

Inc. Media

Silver Award for Enhance Functionality in Material Science, 2012

Edison Award

Fierce 15 Award, 2012


2012 “Gadget of the Year”

Popular Science

100 Brilliant Companies List, 2012

Entrepreneur Magazine