Lifetime Warranty

  • Liquipel Lifetime Replacement Program Terms & Conditions

    The Lifetime Replacement Program Policy applies to the following products:

    • LIQUIPEL Safeguard Tempered Glass

    Products mentioned above must be purchased from us or from authorized resellers* with a valid proof of purchase.

    The Lifetime Replacement Program Policy does NOT apply to the following products:

    • LIQUIPEL Cables
    • LIQUIPEL Liquid Glass

      What does the Lifetime Replacement Program Policy cover?

      The Replacement Program Policy covers any damages to the product incurred under normal use during the lifetime of the product from:

      1. Drops.
      2. Normal daily wear and tear.
      3. Installation failures.

      During the lifetime of the product, LIQUIPEL reserves the right to replace the damaged product, under normal use and maintenance, with shipping and handling charges, and/or at a discounted rate. Please note that the policy is non-transferable and only applies to the original end purchaser.

      What will we do?

      For issues that fall under the scope of the policy, LIQUIPEL will provide replacements for the customer at a discounted rate that may include shipping and/or handling directly from our Factory.

      What will we not do?

      LIQUIPEL will not offer a different product, model, free shipping nor issue a refund for the already damaged product.

      How long does the coverage last?

      The lifetime of the product for products purchased from LIQUIPEL is from the day ordered to the day the product is phased out of production. A replacement product is eligible for the same lifetime and same model, while the old product will lose said coverage.

      What does this program not cover?

      The Replacement Program does not cover any problem that is caused by:  

      1. Intentional modification.
      2. Product not fulfilled by a legitimate sales channel.
      3. Product not manufactured by us.
      4. Unintended use of product.
      5. Theft or loss of the product.

      How to obtain a replacement?

      To obtain a replacement, you MUST first Contact US with a valid proof of purchase AND photos or videos to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. Please be sure to mention all products required. If you have received a ticket number, it means we have received your support request. 

      LIQUIPEL reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion without liability to you or any third party to modify, suspend or terminate the policy.