The world’s thinnest screen protection technology

We were tired of shattered screens, costly repairs, and high insurance deductibles. So we set out to develop a solution that would protect your devices and your wallet. Utilizing our award-winning nano coating technology, we created GHOSTGUARD – a simple wipe on glass-like screen protector that can be applied to any of your devices. GHOSTGUARD is the world’s thinnest screen protection technology that comes with a “You Break It, We Fix It” Guarantee!



GhostGuard is an invisible liquid screen protector that protects the screen from abrasions.

Ghostguard Features

  • Nano Liquid Glass
  • 9H Sapphire Hardness
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy Wipe on Application
  • Germ Free Surface

$100 Guarantee
No Deductible

Cost: Included

Premium Impact Protection
9H Sapphire Hardness, Nano Liquid Glass, Scratch Resistant, Germ Free Surface

Cost: Included

Phone Compatibility
Universal, This product can be applied to any device

Cost: Included

$100 Guarantee
No Deductible

Cost: Included

Premium Impact Protection
Water repellent, 99.9% bacteria repellent, and scratch resistant 9H Sapphire Hardness.

Cost: Included

Standard Impact Screen Protection from Retailer
or Online

Cost: Included


Based on 4 reviews

Chelsea on Apr 10, 2017

Awesome & Easy Install

I am really hard on my phones and this has protected my screen completely. Plus, I think its super cool they offer a guarantee. The install was really quick and easy. It's much more durable than the glass protectors I have had in the past.

JB Adams on Apr 10, 2017

Better than other screen protectors

I've used a Liquipel screen protector for 2 years on my iPhone 5 and then 1 year on my iPhone 6 Plus. I dropped my phone many, many, many times (!) and the screen never cracked. I dropped my iPhone 4 without the impact protector and broke the screen TWICE in a year. No, I'm not particularly clumsy - I just mean short falls like bumping it from the couch, slipping out of a pocket as I'm sitting down, etc.

Taran Kay on Apr 06, 2017

Super easy installation.

Applies quickly and easily and fits perfectly. Instructions suggest watching a short instruction video online. I found it very useful as I have never applied a screen cover before. I am very happy with the purchase.

Kraig Claunch on Apr 01, 2017

figure ill give it a shot

surprised to see it comes with a 100$ guarantee, hell, ill give it a try! Another order placed, cant wait to get it....