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Glow In The Dark USB Type-C Cables

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This USB-A to USB-C Glow in the Dark Cable by Powertek combines efficient fast-charging for your device with a new stylish design, ensuring your cable never gets lost at night again. Its high-quality material uses phosphors zinc sulphide to absorb light throughout the day and illuminate that energy at night, allowing your partner to sleep peacefully while you search for your charging cable. At 5ft in length, this cable is perfect for any bedside outlet. For fast charging your device, ensure you are using a power source of at least 2.1 amps. On top of these amazing features, this product also comes with our "You Break It, We Fix It" product guarantee, assuring you that if something does happen to your cable, we will replace it free of charge. Registration immediately after purchase is required for the product guarantee through the instaProtek App. See packaging for details.

  • USB 2.0 to USB Type C Cable
  • Glow Cable Colors
  • 6ft Cord Length
  • USB Type C Charging Cable

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