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Retractable Lightning Cables

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This USB-A to lightning Retractable cable by Powertek combines efficient fast-charging for your iPhone with a new compact design, perfect for people with busy lifestyles that are always on the move. Its interior retractable mechanism is reinforced with an aluminum spool, allowing for tangle-proof operation every time. To expand the cable simply pull equally on both ends until you feel a click to stop at the desired length, up to 3 feet. To retract the cable, pull both ends slightly and release them equally towards the storage unit. The outer case protects the cable from damage to the outside world while providing a comfortable grip when handling. Approximately 3ft in length, this cable is perfect for anyone who is tired of the bird’s nest look of standard charging cables. On top of that, this product also comes with our 12-month product guarantee warranty, assuring you that if something does happen to your cable, we will replace it free of charge.
  • This cable offers efficient fast-charging for devices while introducing a new compact design 
  • Reinforced with an aluminum spool, ensuring tangle-proof operation every time
  • Easily expand the cable to the desired length, up to 3 feet
  • The cable features an outer case that not only protects it from external damage but also provides a comfortable grip when handling

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