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Terms and Conditions

1 collection and use of information

(1) in order to create an account, user identifying, respond to inquiries and mail to you provide services, improved the performance of the software and the appearance and recommend new features / new products or other purposes, the cloud and wheat science will require you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number code, e-mail address, etc.), and will collect other with you related information (including but not limited to equipment information, log information, location information and other similar recording characteristics).

(2) the user experience improvement program of cloud and wheat technology is based on the use of data statistics, to diagnose system problems, optimize the product experience plan. We will use Analytics Google and other tools to count your data in the process of using the cloud and wheat products (including the APP). We only have the user experience improvement plan in the overall use of all the user data, will not be included or upload any content related to your personal identity information. The aforementioned statistics include but not limited to: the application of the number of pages, the number of pages, the number of key buttons, and the configuration of the item. With the upgrade of the subsequent versions of the wheat of cloud technology products, the statistics we will change and you download / install / use the subsequent versions YUNMAI technology products will be regarded as you when the changes agreed.

(3) cloud Mai technology may will you by other services or third-party information submitted by your account information with a hammer combination, in order to provide you with better experience and improve the quality of wheat technology of cloud services.

(4) a link or information may contain third party products and / or services in the products and services of the cloud. If you fill in your personal information on other platforms or submit / publish through the third party program, you may be informed of your information. The third party application may have its own privacy policies, please carefully check, and in the provision of personal information, please consider carefully before. This privacy policy does not apply in the third direction you collect the information behavior, cloud and wheat science can not control the behavior of the third party, and therefore will not to third party collection, use your information to assume responsibility.

(5) the technology of the cloud will strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the contents of this privacy policy as stated in the collection and use of your information. Unless the official license issued by the cloud technology official documents, otherwise it will not be directly to the specific staff of the cloud technology of personal information. In case of such a situation, you can directly contact with the cloud wheat technology.

2 disclosure of information

(1) unless the exceptions to the provisions of laws and regulations, government departments, or the privacy policies of this privacy policy, the technology of the cloud and wheat will keep your information and no leakage.

(2) you are authorized to do so, in the following circumstances, the cloud technology can disclose your information to the third party without the need to obtain your consent:

(a) if cloud wheat technical disclosure of this information is used to identify, contact, or to be on cloud Mai technology property rights or, website users or any other person (including any other person rights and property) caused by damage to bring proceedings necessary;

(b) cloud technology will provide personal information to the related party or other cooperative enterprises or individuals, so that their representatives / to help the cloud technology to deal with these information. The parties agree that the parties agree to deal with these information in accordance with the provisions of the cloud and wheat technology, the privacy policy and the relevant laws and regulations.

3 information security

(1) wheat cloud technology will make reasonable efforts to protect your information security, but you should know YUNMAI technology cannot completely avoid and personal information security related risk (especially is beyond the control of the cloud Mai technology such as no resistance or a third party), because of this, YUNMAI technology on privacy information maintenance or confidentiality can not make any deterministic guarantees or promises. If cloud wheat science knows the capture and store the data security is endangered or due to the external behavior (including but not limited to the external security attacks) users of non-public information is disclosed to unrelated third parties, although there were other exemption provisions in the policy, cloud Mai technology will take as it deems appropriate and reasonable measures (including but not limited to internal investigation, report and notification of law enforcement agencies, and with law enforcement agencies to work). At the same time, cloud technology will take legal measures to inform the relevant users in the appropriate circumstances, to inform them of the information disclosed and the degree of knowledge of the information technology.

(2) you should pay attention to protect your personal information security. For example, do not reveal your personal password, etc..

(3) YUNMAI technology will take the necessary measures, efforts to prevent internal staff unauthorized use / get / revealing your information.

4 the collection and use of information for minors

(1) the use of cloud technology products or services under the guidance of the legal guardian of the cloud and wheat technology for minors under the permission of their legal guardian.

(2) if you are a minor, you need to make sure that you have received your legal guardian's consent before providing personal information.

5 amendments to the privacy policy

Although this privacy statement illustrates the standard of privacy preserving, but these standards may change. If there is an update, cloud technology will be in the cloud technology will be released when the revised version of the cloud technology to inform you that the appropriate way to change the content and effective date.

6 HealthKit

1. All the stats measured after each weighing (BMI, body fat ratio, weight, lean body weight and height) will be shared with the Health app

2. To protect your privacy, Haoqing will remind you to grant authorization for sharing with the Health app after your first weigh. Or you can go to the Settings page in the app, and select "Connect to Health app". It will also guide you through the authorization

3. Connecting to Health app requires iOS 8.0 or later, and only compatible with iPhone4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. Not compatible with iPad.

More infomation can be found at:

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.