iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus approved

for Watersafe treatment

Liquipel SKINS Impact Protection

Liquipel SKINS Impact Protection
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Liquipel® offers advanced nanocoatings that can save your electronics from liquid damage and corrosion.

The Alternative to a Waterproof Phone or Tablet Case

Ever wonder if there was some way to protect your smartphone or tablet from water and other liquids; only to find out that most every option requires you to slap a gigantic case on your sleek and stylish device, leaving it overweight and impossible to get in and out of your pocket? Yes, we have thought about that too and now there is an option other than a big and bulky waterproof phone case and it’s called Liquipel!

Liquipel is a nano coating that surrounds all the tiny electrical parts in and around your device. It’s completely invisible to the human eye so it won’t change the look or feel of your device. While we can’t say your device is waterproof, we can proudly stand behind our hydrophobic technology and say it’s great for accidental occurrences. Let’s be honest here, most anyone looking to make their phone waterproof isn’t looking to go swimming with their phone; they just want to have peace of mind knowing that if their iPhone, smartphone / tablet, or new Galaxy S5 were to come in contact with water or other liquids it would be protected.

So why Liquipel your device?

  • It protects your device from accidental exposure to water and other liquids.
  • It doesn’t require your device to become encumbered with a bulky “lifeproof” case.
  • Our technology allows us to treat your device without even opening it!
  • While we can’t say your phone is waterproof, with the purchase of your treatment, we can include a 1 year warranty offering you a replacement device in the event that Liquipel does not protect your device from accidental exposure.